Galveston is an island off the coast of  Texas and is a great place to spend some time. Galveston just built a neat boardwalk full of games and rides called Pleasure Pier. Galveston is full of some beautiful beach houses as well and really neat hotels right across from the beach. Galveston has cool restaurants including some seafood places. There are many things to do here for people of all ages including shopping, playing mini golf, and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. Galveston is surrounded by water so be careful if you plan to visit during hurricane season! Some of my favorite places to eat when I visit are Mario’s, Gaido’s, and Joe’s Crab Shack. There is also a dock where Cruise ships leave near an area called the Strand that has neat shops (the Strand is a good place to get any souvenirs) and it is cool to watch the ships leave during the day but home is  always where the heart is.


San Marcos



San Marcos is a gorgeous place probably most known for its outlet mall. It is great to spend some time in San Marcos for a girls day. There are so many stores in the mall and even a food court for when you get hungry during the day. The city of San Marcos is also home to Texas State University which has a beautiful campus and nice places to eat around there. The hotels around this area are nice and very accommodating, once the hotel messed up on our room and was able to fix it in a timely, professional manner and they got us a new room almost instantly. The city of San Marcos is full of fun places to shop but I wouldn’t recommend staying very long because there isn’t much to do other than shopping in the outdoor outlet mall but no matter where you go, home is always where the heart is.